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PaulThanks for visiting. I’m Paul Daigle. Electric Mile Media is my online home for interactive thinking.

I’m an Internet marketing, business and product development executive with 12 years of experience working with leading companies, including AT&T, Microsoft, Hanley Wood and DoubleClick.

Product design, information architecture, branding, UX, business development, sales, marketing and business strategy as they relate to interactive media are personal specialties. My rounded abilities and experiences allow me to bridge the goals and objectives between online product, marketing and sales.

I bring strategic vision and hands-on execution to the development of technology, media, marketing and sales channels. I’ve built sustainable online businesses and uncovered important new online markets for many diverse companies.

I think success comes when we remain engaged in the same space, tackling the same sets of challenges for extended periods of time. Only time can give us the platform we need to support a reliable vision.

About my personal life.

Daddio: I have an amazing daughter named Zoe. I’m a great dad and she’s a great kid. What luck!

Boy Friend: My girlfriend Carolyn is a creative force. The one thing that characterizes everything she does is a amazing sense of design.

Pizza: I always have homemade pizza dough in the fridge.  Tony, our roommate, is my “idea man”, as he keeps me pushing the envelope on interesting base and topping combinations.

Popcorn: I love watching movies. I use a wok to make massive quantities of popcorn.

Music: I play guitar everyday. I’ve written lots of songs over the years… most of them still in need of lyrics. Music is easier than words for me. I view songs as virtual environments. The music creates the space and atmosphere. The lyrics are the narrative and drama. I think the most important part of a song is the bridge. I always struggle to come up with a good bridge. Some of my favorite songwriters are Johnny Cash, Nick Lowe, Anton Newcombe, Dan Auerbach and Dolly Parton.

Bubble Boy: I consider myself an expert a recognizing and navigating market bubbles, because I’ve spent a lot of time working in bubble markets. In 1996-2001 I experienced the rapid ascent and collapse of the Dot Com bubble first hand. Working through those dynamic years I learned how to scrutinizing market assumptions and how to separate value creation from mere hype. From 2001-2006 I worked for Internet companies in the home construction industry, and watched as that sector ignored all the signs. In 2007 I began work on a social networking startup. Over the last few years I’ve watched the tech sector succumb to many of the same trappings. A gold rush mentality. Heavy industry and user investments in hype-fueled trends. Market ecosystems of mutually dependent players. A growing divide between the new and mainstream marketplace.

Creativity: At heart I’m more of a creative than a bean counter. Here are some digital and analog visual musings.

§ Internet media and technology sales executive with twelve years of online sales, marketing, business and product development experience with leading companies.

§ A history of developing new business, increasing legacy revenues and uncovering hidden markets for diverse companies and clients.

§ Ability to administer research, trends, client goals and employer mandates to produce sustainable results in complex emerging markets and volatile selling environments.

§ Able to develop, identify and orchestrate the relationship building strategies, technologies and marketing resources needed to grow business from the ground up.

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