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Finding an honest voice, and staying on path. 06/02/2009

Posted by Paul Daigle in Blogging.
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So what have I learned about blogging?  I guess mostly that blogs aren’t dissertation. Successful blogging is about working to stay engaged, which is not always easy.

Blogging to me is about publishing bit-sized chunks of conversations and thoughts that overtime create narrative threads that can be characterized. This is true even when the purpose of a blog is simply to capture and describe the life of a blogger.

I’m learning that blogging can be meaningful, healthy and rewarding. It’s an exercise that allows us explore our passions and thoughts, and in the process uncover more about who we are. When done well, it’s like peeling an onion. The better a blogger knows themselves and the subjects they write about… the more likely they are to find a real audience. More importantly… the more successful they become at capturing a personal journey. Good blogs are about self realization. They record a path to our better selves.

This brings me to what I think is key to successful blogging… honesty.

I won’t get into philosophical comentary on the essence of honesty and how one can recognized it. Only to say that writing from a place of honesty can be challenging, especially for novice publishers. There is, however, nothing more compelling than an honest voice, and reader know it when they read it. The key, I believe, is to write for yourself. Not for a perceived audience.

What do we get out of our blogs. The social rewards of blogging are obvious. Better still is how blogs can help us stay focused on the things we care about.  Our work. Our families. Our interests. In the process of capturing our journeys, I think blogs can also help us keep our eyes on the path before us. They can be a compass, a road map and a history all rolled into one. The past, the present and the future all captured in posts that record who we are, who we were, and where we’re headed.

A new day. 05/10/2009

Posted by Paul Daigle in Blogging.
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visionsmallThis isn’t my first blog. It is my first blog since I’ve taken the time to explore the finer points of blogging, and getting my head around blogging as a medium.

Unlike Twitter, which forces us to do what we can with 140 characters, blogging platforms don’t provide the needed restraints many of us need to become successful and compelling bloggers.

So my goal here is to do my best to become a successful blogger. Here’s what that means to me.

I’m not going to measure my success by the audience I can attract. Instead… I’m going to focus on how often I can post, and how well the ideas that consume me from day to day become revealed in a “living” way within this site.

I’m very interested in hearing from those of you who are also interested in and thinking about the topics I’ll discuss, especially as they relate to the Internet and Social Networking.

Wish me luck